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Creating a list using viral friend generator [Untitled]

It is not ironic why the descriptive word “viral” is used in an online marketing strategy. When it comes to viral friend generator, the descriptive word “viral” has something more to do with the way the promotional campaign spreads. Although not destructive as a computer virus, a viral marketing strategy uses the same basic concepts of spreading a computer virus. The strategy mainly relies on the email referrals of the new subscribers or customers. A list of potential new customers or subscribers is generated in this manner. From this list, new referrals will again be generated and so on. It may seem ideal but it is far from being perfect.

Although new referrals will be generated from just a single subscriber, the series of referrals obviously will not reach ad infinitum level. It is just impossible in the real world simply because the number of people in the world is limited, notwithstanding the fact that internet users are only a small fraction of the world population. Even those who are referred will not necessarily patronize the website being referred. A viral friend generator simply generates list of possible new customers or clients. It does not guarantee that new customers will be generated.

The viral friend generator is a tool that you can use to promote your online business. You can simply copy the codes from other sources and paste it in your website. Aside from occasional maintenance and tweaking, the system can run in full auto-pilot. As long as new customers are attracted by your website, new referrals will be generated. New customers may not necessarily come from referrals but these new customers will help you in sustaining your business through the referral system. The system is most effective if the target market is very specific. Customers with common needs or wants tend to group as a single flock.

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